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InDesign right-indent: How to right-align text or page numbers in a left-aligned paragraph (eg. table of contents)

Here’s a tip if you’re working in InDesign on a table-of-contents type of layout and you want to include in a text box both: text that is placed on the left side and a page number aligned on the right side.

The tip is, instead of adding space bars, or tabs and modifying them with the tab menu, or even trying to divide the text into different alignment, or making 2 text boxes, an easy way is to:

Insert the text in the text box that has to be on the left side, then go to: Type>insert special character>other>right indent tab (shortcut: shift + tab) and insert the page number or whatever text you want to be aligned to the right side!

By DannyK

Danny is an experimental graphic designer, specialized in print: branding, packaging, and product design; involved in web design, animation, installation, photomontage, and illustration; and interested in architecture, music, and cinematography… He believes that design is not a commercial end in itself, but rather an experimental process to establish and to communicate to people visually compelling brand identities and forms, which in turn attract the mind of the viewer in a consumer world.

10 replies on “InDesign right-indent: How to right-align text or page numbers in a left-aligned paragraph (eg. table of contents)”

Thanks Emma,
It was hard for me too to find out how to do it, that’s why I wanted to share it in the easiest way possible!

There’s an automated way to do this. Pull up Table of Contents under Layout. In the middle of the dialogue box where it says “Between Entry and Number”, enter two things: “Right Indent Tab” and “Flush Space”. The box will then look like: ^f^y
I found this out through much toil and frustration.

Thanks Mike for sharing!

You just made me look for a video tutorial and learn how to make a Table of Contents too!
It’s so easy now, and with your tip, I wish I learned that earlier.

btw, I loved your illustrations on

Supertip! Makes me want to go and find the other coding possibilities in Indesign 😀

It worked like a charm. A (maybe obvious) tip back: save this style for future use 😉 Use the ‘Save Style’ button and give it a meaningful name.

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