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iPhone tip 1: Undo typing text.

The iPhone with iOS 3.0 and later has an Undo/Redo feature for typing.
To undo your last change, simply shake your mobile. To redo your last change, just shake the iPhone again.

[I actually found that out by coincidence]



By DannyK

Danny is an experimental graphic designer, specialized in print: branding, packaging, and product design; involved in web design, animation, installation, photomontage, and illustration; and interested in architecture, music, and cinematography… He believes that design is not a commercial end in itself, but rather an experimental process to establish and to communicate to people visually compelling brand identities and forms, which in turn attract the mind of the viewer in a consumer world.

2 replies on “iPhone tip 1: Undo typing text.”

“iPhone tip 1: Undo typing text. DannyK // Design Blog & Portfolio” was a splendid post, can’t
wait to go through far more of ur blog posts. Time to spend some time on the net hehe.
Thanks for your time -Mariano

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